trump tower in vancouver

So, Trump International Hotel and Tower (rolls off the tongue, right?) is opening soon. Like, real soon: February, to be precise. And we’re feeling pretty torn about it. We aren’t crazy about a new hotel by the name of a man who bragged about assaulting women, or who prides himself on being a great businessman despite losing billions in failed businesses (also, Trump Steak? Eugh). Honestly, we’re surprised he’s even letting foreigners use his hotel... Still, though, we’re trying to be optimistic.

After all, not only will the (fairly swanky) new build be the second tallest building in the city, but it'll feature a nightclub with the city’s first-ever pool bar. About time, Vancouver. Drai’s nightclub will (apparently) provide the ultimate luxury nightlife experience, with wading pools, dance floor, and an extensive LED lighting system. And to be fair, it doesn't look half bad:

In addition, the hotel will have a champagne room, restaurant, and spa by Ivanka Trump. Rooms start at around 330 CAD ($250) for the Superior Room, and go up to 900 CAD ($680) for the Executive Two-Bedroom Suite. Also, if you own one of the 214 condos in the tower, you get access to the tower’s private jet and chauffeured Rolls Royce (we expected nothing less).

Oh, and props to the Trump team on this one: the tower will be home to award-winning Chinese restaurant, Mott 32. Because why not shamelessly pander to the biggest ethnic group in the city? Jokes aside, the peking duck and dim sum are sure to be drool-worthy.

In terms of location, it's in the West End, so surrounded by beautiful parks and beaches, as well as thirst-quenching bars and mouth-watering eateries, so you can put that Rolls to good use.

All in all, whatever your stance on Trump (probably less than delighted by his upcoming inauguration), it's hard to muster up too much negativity about the city gaining another luxury hotel and a nightclub with a pool bar. So, we'll enjoy our time there, but grudgingly.