We’ve all been there. You go from the best party of your life, to the worst headache of your life. It’s a particular downer if you have another party planned the next day. Surprisingly, hangovers aren't always necessarily related to drinking — everything from stress and lack of sleep to poor diet can make us feel like we were hit by a truck. Thanks to a gentleman named Dr. Jason Burke, those suffering in Las Vegas are in luck.

Let’s face it, Gatorade and Tylenol just don’t cut it. Dr. Burke gets that, so he developed Hangover Heaven. It’s a clinic (and mobile bus) dedicated to curing hangovers with IVs. They use a small pediatric IV and numbing medication to make the experience as comfortable as possible. You’ll be given hydration as well a rush of vitamins including B12, B, and C to get you back on your feet. They even have a bus that can come to you.

They have three packages to choose from, each offering different vitamins and levels of hydration. The biggest package, named Rapture, includes hydration, amino acids, all available vitamins, medicines for headache and nausea, and 30 minutes of oxygen, all for $259. They recommend booking your appointment ahead of time, because the effectiveness of Hangover Heaven is already catching on. Cheers to the weekend, and cheers to Monday morning too.