Vegas Airbnb

We tend to have go-to destinations for certain types of travel. Italy's great for food, Hawaii's great for relaxation, and Vegas is (clearly) ideal for parties. While the clubs and pools host some epic events of their own, we can't help but wonder just how awesome a private house party would be. And we're not talking in a hotel room or suite — no, when in vegas you rent a mansion.

The 2810 Private Resort in Vegas is listed on Airbnb with a 'special winter rate' right now, and it's everything we've ever dreamed of. For $2,600 USD a night, you can split the place with 15 friends for a surprisingly doable rate of $162 per person per night. Basically, less than the cost of a five-star hotel room buys you 10 bedrooms, 6 baths, a private pool with cabanas, jacuzzis, a Malibu-style sand beach, and an outdoor deck overlooking it all. 

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, stag, girls' weekend, or anything else, this place does it all beyond your wildest imagination. The best part? You can get rip-roaringly drunk without worrying about getting thrown out by a bouncer, lost in a casino, stalked by some creep, or groped by a mystery hand in the crowd. Ah, Vegas.