VIetjet Airlines flight attendants in bikini

If most 20-something guys could have their way, they'd probably have girls wearing nothing but bikinis. Well, that or lingerie (come on, we've all seen lingerie football on TV). Now for the first time in the travel industry, the dream has become a reality, with one airline uniforming their female flight attendants in nothing but two-piece bikinis. 

VietJet Air, a private airline about to go public, has been the one to make the big move. Before you get defensive on woman's rights (and props to you, that was our first reaction too), you should know that the CEO is female, and the staff do have a choice in the matter. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, who owns 95 percent of the airline, has become Vietnam’s first ever female billionaire, grabbing more than 30 percent of the industry and giving Vietnam Airlines a run for its money. We have to admit, it's pretty awesome that a woman is about to hit such a monumental milestone in her country, especially thanks to the support of other women.

While her staff do in fact make the call between wearing the bikini or a traditional uniform, many are opting for the former. According to Thao, the sight of these young ladies strutting their stuff is a powerful one amidst Vietnam's conservative culture, and we can only assume it would be empowering to the women themselves. She’s totally cool with people associating her airline with the bikini image, saying “if that makes people happy, then we are happy". To break down that cultural barrier even further, the girls also model their swimsuits for the airline’s annual calendar. Despite James Browns' famous song lyrics, it looks like we're living in a woman's world now.