Quarantine, lockdown, too-much-family-time, whatever you want to call it — for travellers, COVID-19 just means that we aren't travelling. But while hopping on a plane might seem like a pipe dream right now, the highway awaits and it should be the first adventure you pursue when the coast is clear.

Here’s why your next trip should be a road trip.

It's easy and supremely doable

Obviously, most borders are still closed and they have a long way to go before opening up. But that doesn’t mean your plans have to stay on hold forever. While many of us associate “travel” with jetting to far-flung locales to explore new countries and cultures, this simply isn’t possible yet. So take advantage of the option we do have — exploring your own backyard — and the best way to do this is on wheels with some good friends.

Takes travel chaos out of the equation

We’d like to think that flattening the curve means it’ll be flattened for good, but the reality is that we could be in for another round if we’re not careful. No matter how rugged of an explorer you are, you do not want to get stuck in limbo at some foreign airport, scrambling to find a way home. The beauty of a road trip is that if something goes awry – you can just turn around and drive home.

Lets you rediscover the familiar

Regardless of your travel credentials, there is no way you have seen everything that your home city, province, state or country has to offer. There are views to soak in, lakes to jump in, waterfalls to chase, architecture to marvel at, food to gorge on and drinks to be had. Road trips allow you explore what might seem familiar with a fresh perspective.

It’s all about the journey

Many of us are so focused on our destination that we forget to stop and soak in the beauty surrounding us the whole way there. On a flight, we pop in our earphones or slide down our eye mask and count down the hours until we touch the tarmac. But with a road trip, you are low to the ground and going at a pace that is just right for taking in the surroundings. You can stop and explore whenever something piques your interest because it’s all about the journey.

#VanLife is the best life

Naturally, you can take a road trip in a car, SUV, or even a motorbike if you can pull it off, but all of these pale in comparison to the freedom afforded by a van. There’s something unmistakably epic about being in control of your journey to the point where you can simply pull over and and make camp whenever you feel like it.

You can even sleep in your vehicle if the setup allows, meaning you can save on accommodation costs and maintain whatever level of social distancing makes you comfortable.